Our 10 largest projects are:

1.”The Centre for Fighting Poverty” ( 2005-2006 ), with the help of the EAR;

2.”Programmes of Employment and Self-employment of the Young” ( 2005-2006 ), funded by the EAR;

3.”Trainings for the Unemployed” ( 2006 ), funded by the EAR;

4.”The Elderly Helping Themselves and Accelerated Development of the Community” ( 2004-2006 ), funded by the European Commission;

5.”Groups for Self-help of the Elderly” ( 2004 ), funded by Help Age International;

6.Public Works Programme ( 2006-2008 ), funded by Ministry of Labour and Social Policy;

7.”Trainings for Craft Occupations”( 2005-2007 ), funded by MDF-UNICEF;

8.”Groups for Self-help of the Elderly as a New Social Model” ( 2006 ), funded by BCIF

9.”Programmes of Economic Empowerment for Re and IDPs through a Grant Programme” ( 1998-2002 );

10.”Psychosocial Support for Children and Youth” – workshops, daytrips, camps, etc.( 1999-2000), funded by DRC ( Danish Refugees Council ).

Territorial Coverage

NGO Viktorija acts in the territory of Central Serbia.

Currently, there are 4 offices of our organization in Kragujevac and its vicinity:teo of them are based in Kragujevac, in Janka Veselinovica Street 90 and in Milentija Popovica Street 1, while the other two are based in the municipalities of Knic and Raca.

Target Groups:

Socially vulnerable categories of population, including: - Refugees; - IDPs; - Single parents; - Chronically unemployed persons, particularly women; - The elderly; - The disabled; - Socially marginalized groups.